We are an aquatic ecology group based at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Our work uses molecular, geochemical, and biological subfossil analyses to identify ecological changes over centuries to millennia. We use environmental archives such as lake sediments and peat deposits to recognize the timing and relative importance of natural and anthropogenic drivers across relevant spatial and temporal scales. We aim to develop research projects that significantly increase our understanding of ecological stresses, and ecosystem plasticity and adaptability, particularly in the in the context of coastal environments and peoples of Canada.

Research highlights & news:

New position at Memorial University of Newfoundland

January 01, 2020

In January 2020, Kathryn will become an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. "The Rock" presents the perfect place to expand paleolimnological and seabird biovector research and develop new studies with students and faculty in Biology and across departments. 

PNAS paper on seaducks is out!

April 02, 2019

We are overjoyed to have this highly collaborative paper published open access. Using sediment cores from ponds on Hudson Strait islands with nesting seaducks we confirm that the 20th century harvest of common eiders was unsustainable. 

"Our paleolimnological approach highlights that current and local monitoring windows for many sensitive seabird species may be inadequate for making key conservation decisions."

We presented our Thai shrimp aquaculture research at ASLO'2019 in Puerto Rico

March 04, 2019

Alison Hong (CMC'19) and Kathryn attended the ASLO 2019 meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Alison presented a poster on her thesis and Kathryn gave a talk on our initial results of utilizing stable carbon isotopes to trace the fate of organic matter released in shrimp aquaculture effluent.

Fieldwork in Thai Mangroves

May 20, 2018

Watch this great video made by Karin Mak to learn about the EnviroLab Asia 2018 Clinic Trip and  our interdisciplinary work in Thailand's mangroves.

New paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

April 27, 2018

"Sterols and stanols as novel tracers of waterbird population dynamics in freshwater ponds" by Kathryn Hargan, Emily Stewart, Neal Michelutti, Christopher Grooms, Linda Kimpe, Mark Mallory, John Smol and Jules Blais. 


Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the paper. For the University of Ottawa press release, click the photo. 

Interview with EnviroLab Asia

November 03, 2017

This fall I moved to the Claremont Colleges in California to begin a postdoctoral fellowship with EnviroLab Asia, a group which facilitates interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to tackling environmental problems in SE Asia. Here is a Q&A about my interests and why I am excited to join this group. 

Young Canadian Innovators and Reseachers

October 25, 2016

I was recently 1 of 7 young innovators and researchers in Canada highlighted by Universities Canada at their "Homecoming 2016" event on October 25th. This event was aimed at disseminating new research to government officials, and a reception in the evening provided an opportunity to connect with Canadian University presidents. 

Video on sub-Arctic eider field work & research

June 30, 2016

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation requests that its award recipients put together a video showcasing their Arctic fieldwork. I had a lot of fun doing this, considering what little video footage I am able to take during field work. All the video seen here is from my field season in 2015 near Cape Dorset, NU.

My L'Oreal-UNESCO video

March 27, 2016

I received my L'Oreal-UNESCO video in the mail today! Take a look to learn a bit about my postdoctoral research and my thoughts about women in science. 

"Woman in science: Still a challenge today?"

January 16, 2016

 The French Embassy in Canada, the University of Ottawa, and L'Oreal Canada "For Women in Science" held a discussion titled "Women in Science: Still a challenge today?" Learn about more event details at the French Embassy in Canada website, or watch the full discussion by clicking on the video link below. 

Later in the evening, L'Oreal Fellows were honoured at the Embassy of France in Ottawa. Thank you to everyone who attended! 

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