Teaching & Mentoring

In the past have been fortunate to teach many classes and labs including:

  • Introductory Environmental Science, Fall 2017 and 2018, Keck Science Department (EA 30L: "Science and the Environment")

  • Biogeochemistry (with a focus on aquaculture in Thailand)

  • Limnology (Biol 335, Queen's University, with many field weekends)

  • Zoology ("Diversity of Life II", Queen's University)

  • 1st year Biology (Biol 102 labs and tutorials, Queen's University)

  • Environmental Assessment (Trent University)

  • Methods for Evaluating Environmental Impacts (Trent University)

Kathryn and a group of students sampling in Kung Krabaen Bay, Chanthaburi, Thailand May 2018

In May 2018, I traveled to Thailand with a class of 19 students from The Claremont Colleges and Yale-NUS, and we were later joined by 20 Thai students from Burapha University. Teaching abroad, I instructed students in biogeochemical field methods, participated in theater activism, and motivated students to learn and enjoy scientific methods, even in hot, humid, buggy, and muddy conditions.