Teaching & Mentoring

I have been fortunate to teach many classes and labs including:

  • Introductory Environmental Science, Fall 2017 and 2018, Keck Science Department (EA 30L: "Science and the Environment")

  • Biogeochemistry (with a focus on aquaculture in Thailand)

  • Limnology (Biol 335, Queen's University, with many field weekends)

  • Zoology ("Diversity of Life II", Queen's University)

  • 1st year Biology (Biol 102 labs and tutorials, Queen's University)

  • Environmental Assessment (Trent University)

  • Methods for Evaluating Environmental Impacts (Trent University)

Myself and a group of students sampling in Kung Krabaen Bay, Chanthaburi, Thailand May 2018

In May 2018, I traveled to Thailand with a class of 19 students from The Claremont Colleges and Yale-NUS, and we were later joined by 20 Thai students from Burapha University. Teaching abroad, I instructed students in biogeochemical field methods, participated in theater activism, and motivated students to learn and enjoy scientific methods, even in hot, humid, buggy, and muddy conditions. 

Past students

Alison Hong (Claremont McKenna College'2019)

Thesis title: "Tracking the role of trophic position on copper, zinc, manganese and arsenic accumulation in Thai mangrove molluscs"

Alison is currently working on editing her thesis for submission to the journal Ecological Indicators.

Jahnavi Kocha (Claremont McKenna College'2019)

Thesis title: "A spatial and temporal analysis of Uranium concentrations around the abandoned New Hope Method mine in the Mohave Desert"

Jahnavi and I also traveled together to Pitzer College's Firestone Field Station in Costa Rica to study environmental changes across a gradient of land use (banana and bamboo plantations, primary and secondary forest). 

Mudit Murarka (Pomona College'2019)

Mudit is applying his knowledge and experience with ArcPro to create spatial heat and krigging maps of our stable isotope data from sediments across the shrimp farm-mangrove-marine transition in Khung Krabaen Bay, Thailand. Additionally, he will be examining drone footage to extract tree height data for understanding mangrove reforestation efforts and whether they relate to gradients in mangrove tree carbon and nitrogen isotopes. 

Alison at the Keck Science thesis poster day

Jahnavi and I at the Firestone Field Station in

March 2019